Could a “Magic Pill” to Cure Obesity, And Lower Blood Glucose Levels, Be On the Way?

Every diabetic knows (or should know), controlling your weight is a major factor in controlling diabetes. But what happens when you eat your recommended portion sizes, and you're still hungry? One study is looking into a simple pill that tricks your body into thinking you're full, and even tricks it into burning fat.

How it Works

When you eat, your body activates a protein in your digestive system known as farensoid X receptor. This protein is responsible for shifting things around to prepare your body for food: it releases more digestive juices, and gets the fat-burning process started.

The pill fexaramine tricks the body into working as though the FXR has been activated-- even though you haven't eaten any food.

Research Progress

Fexaramine has been tested on rodents and has been found to prevent weight gain and decrease fat. This also resulted in lower blood glucose levels and improved cholesterol.

As of now, clinical trials are being planned to test Fexaramine on humans. If it works as well on humans as it does on rodents, this could be the 'magic pill' to treat obesity that everyone's been waiting for.

Photo: Think Progress