Good News for People with Type 1 Diabetes

Barely a century ago, a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes was basically the beginning of the end. Most diabetics would die within 2 years.

Scientific breakthroughs made it possible for diabetics to survive, though even 50 years ago a diabetic would have been lucky to see age 50.

New studies show mortality rate for Type 1 diabetics continues to decline.

Reasons for Decline

So many medical advances have made it possible for people to control diabetes: insulin and improvements on how it's delivered, blood glucose monitoring, and treatments for diabetic complications such as renal failure have all contributed to expanding the diabetic's life span.

Current Life Span

The current life span for Type 1 diabetics is not far behind the life expectancy of any person without the disease. Diabetics are now living into their 70's and 80's.

The big difference is in diabetes management: the better you manage your disease, the better your chances of survival. That’s fantastic motivation!

Photo: Iran Daily