Tips for Diabetics: How to Find the Right Doctor

While diabetes is becoming more and more widespread, not every doctor knows as much as he should about treating the disease, or complications that might arise from it. To top it off, you have to navigate your health insurance, which can limit the available options.

Don't just settle for the closest office on your plan; it's important to know that your doctor will be giving you the best care you can get. Here are some tips to help you.

Education and Experience

Find a doctor who has education and experience with diabetes. You'll want someone who takes treatment of diabetics seriously. Sometimes diabetes specialists are able to register as primary care physicians on health care plans-- this would be ideal for you.

Specialist Relationships

Any PCP that you work with should have a working relationship with specialists that you'll occasionally need to see, such as podiatrists, dieticians and endocrinologists. Make sure your doctor's office is ready and willing to give you referrals for your regular checkups and any complications that may arise.


A diabetic can't just hop on over to the doctor for a brief check-up every year or two and be done with it. You'll need a doctor who can make himself available. When you call with a question, he or his staff should be on top of it to ensure you get the answers you need. If you need an appointment, you shouldn't have to wait four months.

Photo: Health Markets